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Survey and Monitoring

Parnassus Ecology is able to carry out ecological survey and monitoring work on a wide variety of habitats and species, in addition to leading on protected species licence applications.


Lindsay has held a bat licence for almost 20 years, including 16 years as the National Trust for Scotland's national lead on bat conservation, working on a wide variety of building projects requiring survey, monitoring and mitigation expertise. In addition, he has carried out Site Condition Monitoring work on grasslands, summit heath, moorlands, woodlands and bogs, as well as many habitat and rare plant species surveys to support management.


Lindsay also has extensive experience in trail camera and thermal imager surveys, co-ordinating national surveys on Scottish wildcats and other species, as well as surveying badgers and great crested newts.

Examples of recent work in 2017-2019 has included:

  • Roe Deer management planning in central Scotland, including Woodland Herbivore Impact Assessments on several SSSIs and Local Authority-wide roe deer assessments;

  • Tall Herb Site Condition Monitoring  and rare plant surveys on Ben Lawers National Nature Reserve;

  • Alpine Flush monitoring at Glencoe NNR

  • Maritime Grassland Site Condition Monitoring at St. Abb's Head National Nature Reserve;

  • Agri-environment support surveys and survey method development in the Borders;

  • Several large Phase 1 (NVC) surveys in the Borders

  • Bat surveys in Angus, Argyll, Borders, Ayrshire, Dumfries & Galloway;

  • Protected mammal surveys in Argyll.

  • Grey seal pup monitoring on Berwickshire coast.

  • Seabird colony monitoring at St. Abb's Head NNR.

Lindsay is currently working on lowland roe deer management, woodland herbivore impact assessments, agri-environment schemes, Phase 1/NVC surveys of upland sites and developments working around major bat roosts, amongst other things....

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